Make with the Mid-Hudson Children's Museum!

Paper Airplane Challenge with Paper Airplane Launcher
Launch your folded flyer through the air and try to navigate the hanging hoops!


Black Light Sign Making
Create your own glow-in-the-dark black light word!


Shadow Puppet Making
Craft a puppet to try out on a shadow stage!


Wind Car Races
Build a fan-powered wind car out of clay and foam!


Electric Circuit Blocks and Paper Circuits
Make simple circuits to run motors, buzzers and LEDs!


Nuudle Art
Great for ages 3 to 5 – sculpt a colorful work of art made of “nuudles”!


Marist Activity Box Challenges
Marist students have designed STEM activity mystery boxes that they will be presenting!


Robot Room
Make a spin bot, try real robots and inspect their insides!


Soap-Powered Boats
Float your custom crafted boat down a soapy river!


A fun take on a modern classic – build with hexagons, magnets and more!